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2023 – Love is Love aka Valentine Macaron Order Now Open!

Love is Love is Love! So celebrate love whether romantic, platonic or family with some sweet heart-shaped confections! 

Pick up available on Sunday, February 12th from 12-4pm or Monday, February 13th from 10am-5pm in South Minneapolis.  We will connect with you to arrange a time.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry (milk chocolate ganache with strawberry jam filling)
Vanilla Bean Bourbon (white chocolate ganache with vanilla beans and bourbon)- contains alcohol
Spicy Chocolate (dark chocolate cayenne ganache) 
Scotcharoon (peanut butter, butterscotch, chocolate ganache)

We can only sell directly to consumers, not available for resale. Delivery and pick up only – no shipping. Delivery available within a 10 mile radius of South, Minneapolis for a $10 additional fee.

If you would like packaging other than in dozen boxes, please make a comment in the comments section. We can package in boxes of 6 or boxes of 2 for an additional fee (determined depending on amount).

$30 per dozen (any mixture of flavors!)

All the Macarons

Scotcharoon (butterscotch, peanut butter, milk chocolate ganache) Little Things Original
Dark chocolate raspberry (dark chocolate ganache with raspberry jam)
Dark chocolate cayenne (dark chocolate ganache infused with cayenne pepper)
Mint chocolate
Milk chocolate 
Dark chocolate

Orange Creamsicle (orange buttercream)
Raspberry Cream (raspberry buttercream)
Raspberry Lemon (raspberry buttercream with a lemon curd center)
Carrot Cake (cream cheese center with spices and shredded carrots)
Apple Cider (apple cider buttercream)
Caramel Apple (apple cider buttercream with a caramel center)
Peppermint bark (white chocolate ganache with peppermint extract)
Pumpkin Spice (pumpkin and spice white chocolate ganache)
Hot Chocolate (chocolate ganache with marshmallow fluff center)
Spicy Hot Chocolate (dark chocolate ganache infused with cayenne pepper and marshmallow fluff center)
Orange Cranberry (orange and cranberry buttercream)
Cheesecake (buttercream with a cream cheese emulsion – like extract)

Bootleg Collection: This collection is infused with our favorite alcohol in small amounts
Vanilla bean bourbon (white chocolate ganache infused with Rye bourbon and vanilla bean)
Mulled wine (white chocolate ganache with red wine and mulling spices) Tastes like Christmas!
Champagne (buttercream infused with sparkling wine)
Lemon Champagne (buttercream infused with sparkling wine and a lemon curd center)
Old Fashioned  (white chocolate ganache infused with orange and bourbon with a cherry center)
Margarita (lime buttercream infused with tequila)

All macarons are naturally gluten free, but contain eggs, sugar and dairy.
If you have a flavor you don’t see on the list, we can figure out how to make it as we love a challenge! Looking to order outside of our seasonal menu. Email us below.


per dozen:
$25 – one flavor
$30 – two flavors
More than two flavors in one dozen…let’s chat.

Display materials are available upon request for refundable deposit.